Home Health Aides (HHAs) This is a 40-hour course approved by the Virginia Department of Medicaid Assistance Services (DMAS) where students learn how to assist patients with personal necessities like dressing, bathing, and hygiene needs. By assisting with housekeeping and other ADLs (activities of daily living) like cooking and laundry, HHAs enable clients to live safely in their own homes, greatly improving their quality of life in the process. Aides may have to document the patient’s condition and the care that they provide, along with any problems encountered during care, submitting this report to a supervisor. In some cases, HHAs also facilitate transportation and leisure activities for clients.

front-pageLesson 1: Introduction to Nursing Procedures (20 Hours)

Proper Infection Control
Proper Hand Washing
Proper Glove Removal
Fire Safety
Emergency Situations
HIV/Aides Prevention
Food Born Illnesses Prevention & Kitchen Safety
Medical Error Prevention and Safety
Domestic Violence
Resident Rights

Lesson 2: Introduction to CPR (4 Hours)

Scene assessment and appropriate response
A-B-C’s of Adult/Child/Infant CPR
Mechanics of Artificial Life Support
Fundamentals of human physiology (circulatory system) and CPR applications
What is expected during an emergency situations (including EMS response)
CPR Final Exam

Lesson 3: Introduction to Measuring Patient’s Vitals (20 Hours)

Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects
Measuring Pulse and Respirations
Measuring Blood Pressure
Measuring Blood Glucose Level
Measuring and Recording the content of Urinary bag
Measuring and Recording Vitals

Lesson 4: Assisting with Patient Hygiene (20 Hours)

Hair & Nail Care
Mouth Care
Denture Care
Partial Bed Bath
Assisting with Bedpan
Assisting with Medication

Lesson 5: Assisting a Disabled Patient (6 Hours)

Wheel Chair Transfer
Communication with Cognitively impaired clients
Lesson 6: Terminal Care (5 Hours)

Common Illnesses of the Elderly
End of Life Care